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Are your tools sharpened?

Tools sharpening can give back to a punch all characteristics as first purchased. We can get more than double of the hits compared to a punch not sharpened. For being able to get the higher tool performance, you have to regrind once the corner radius on punch tip is around 0,15mm.

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How about having 7 dies in 1 tool?

Rolleri Vario can be mounted on any press brake model. It can be adapted to any machine table thanks to 1000mm units; these reduced lenghts enable the regulations of sector even individually. 7 dies in one single tool (50 - 75 - 100 - 125 - 150 - 175 - 200). Rotors system that brings a reductio…

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How much important is a good heat treatment?

Rolleri uses powder type high speed steel for punch body. Structure of this material is very much fine and does not have unevenness of ingredient. Shock resistant ratio is double strong and frictional wear is 50% better than standard high speed steel (HSS). Rolleri uses improved D2 steel for die.…

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