Rolleri crowning tables provide mechanical compensation to the deflections occurring during the bending process.
Deflection depends on bending length and on ratio between sheet metal thickness and die opening.
This system is composed by a special rod, which is placed between opposite wedges. Each wedge can be calibrated autonomously to compensate localized deflection. The rod can be manually driven or by a motoreducer controlled by the press brake CNC. The adjustment of the crowning table is a fast and accurate procedure to carry out before bending.
The crowning table is produced according to the press brake features to optimize its working and its integration to the press brake it is installed in. Rolleri crowning table can be designed to clamp R1 dies with 60mm and 90mm base or R2 dies with 13mm tang and it’s supplied with all accessories necessary to mount and align it to the upper beam.
On request, Rolleri crowning table can be equipped with pneumatic clamping systems for lower tools.

  • You can adjust deflection of the whole length of the press brake or just a short section thanks to independent wedges
  • Very precise bending angles
  • R1 type dies with 60 mm and 90 mm base can be clamped as well as R2 dies with 13 mm tang
  • Automatic crowning through connection to press brake CNC or manual crowning with a handle
  • This crowning table can be installed in new press brakes or to retrofit old press brakes
  • Precise positioning and alignment of the crowning table onto the press brake table
  • Easy and fast usage