The ROL2 System is a system which is used to secure the die into place. Such system is available in manual, pneumatic and hydraulic version. The manual version is composed of a special clamp (known as ROL2 CLAMP1), which is operated with a central lever.

The ROL2 System has a built in spring mechanism which opens and closes the ROL2 CLAMP1 to clamp and release dies.

A special rubber insert inside the clamp plates guarantees the best positioning for the tools. The press force of the clamp plates is evenly distribuited along the complete length. Therefore short tools are also securely fastened.

For example, in a 3 m press brake all dies are secured with 6 simple hand movements.

The new design has bigger clamping force and therefore it enables perfect clamping of small segments too.


for Dies Rolleri Type R1

  • Directly on a 60 mm wide press brake table 
    - use of existing holes for the standard clamp plates (hole distance 100 mm)
    - alternatively modifications of the existing threaded holes necessary
    - system is compatible with press brakes with automatic crowning tables
  • Directly on a 90 mm wide press brake table
    - use of existing holes for the standard clamp plates (hole distance 100 mm)
    - in alternative, modification of the existing threaded holes may be necessary
    - to use Rolleri R1 type dies with 60 mm base, two ground 15 mm wide shims are supplied to be inserted into the die holder and secured with pins
    - thanks to the rubber inserts, short die segments are perfectly clamped
  • With Die Holder
    - 60 x 40 mm Die Holder, ground and induction hardened.