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Workplace Health Safety & Security Policy

Rolleri Holding SpA is committed to create the safest place to work in, believing that maintaining safety and security is paramount and that they exist when personnel are enabled to fulfil their roles without undue risk to health or life.

This is why Rolleri Holding SpA has implemented and put into practice its safety and security management system, which abides by the rules of ISO 45001 certification and aims to constantly improve the outcomes by following internal rules, actual laws and the nature and level of risk.

In order to concretely reach these goals, Rolleri Holding SpA appoints Rolleri SpA, Rolleri Manufacturing Srl and Tecmu I.E. Srl the following tasks:

-              Keep a high level of conformity to the actual laws by adopting a reporting system;

-              Prevent, reduce and eliminate accidents (including near misses), injuries and illness by focusing on real and potential causes;

-              Meet the requirements expressed by the referring laws;

-              Spread objectives and improvements of the program;

-              Make available the necessary resources for the actual application of the system;

-              Actively engage and consult employees;

-              Raise awareness on risk perception, preventive actions and protective measures adopted;

-              Regularly re-examine the policy to check for contents that can be improved.


The company has already intervened to:

-              Reduce risk of injuries, thanks to new technologically evolved machines and personnel awareness through several safety and security courses;

-              Keep under control noise and chemical agents’ exposure by defining actions where they are necessary;

-              Raise personnel awareness by planning regular training on safety and security.