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New tool for cleaning slats of laser-cutting machines.

C-UP makes slats live longer and improve the quality of cut sheet-metal.

C-UP removes both slags oxidised residual easily, avoiding any kinds of contamination on stainless steel.

Thanks to two spinning wheels, C-UP is able to move and maintain intact slats’ characteristics over time. Moreover, the cleaning process is also fast and safe.


Cutting speed:

  • When the slat is not so dirty: 28M/Min.
  • When the slat is dirty: 13M/Min.
  • When the slat is very dirty: 8,5M/Min.

C-UP can have both 1500mm and 2000mm long grip and grinds are available for either 2mm or 3mm or 4mm slats.

One-year warranty.

In order to remove slags, C-UP has two extremely long-lasting grinds made of HSS (almost 20.000 straight meters under standard condition).

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